Climate Change Emergency Prepardness Survey

2023 NACo Achievement Award Winner

Howard County, Md., MD

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About the Program

Category: County Resiliency (Best in Category)

Year: 2023

Howard County's Office of Community Sustainability, with the collaboration of dozens of departments and external partners across the County, is publishing Howard County’s Climate Action and Resiliency Plan in early 2023. In developing the resiliency strategies for the plan, the Office of Community Sustainability designed and distributed a survey to get feedback from county residents on how well they are prepared for climate hazards that are expected to increase in intensity and/or frequency, what they need to feel prepared, and what climate related hazards they have experienced. The survey was primarily distributed to underserved communities, such as individuals 65+, individuals with low-moderate income, people of color, and individuals with disability/access and functional needs (D/AFN). The County received more than 400 survey responses and gained valuable insights into community needs. The County plans to directly address these needs through resiliency actions in the Climate Action and Resiliency Plan, which will serve as a priority workplan across County departments for the next three to five years.

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