Automating Vaccination Data for COVID-19 Dashboards

2022 NACo Achievement Award Winner

San Bernardino County, Calif., CA

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About the Program

Category: Information Technology (Best in Category)

Year: 2022

San Bernardino County, Department of Public Health (SBCDPH), Research, Assessment, and Planning (RAP) is dedicated to providing general information, data, and reporting to all residents within the County’s 20,000 square miles. The past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges that required data to be promptly and accurately disseminated to a number of internal and external stakeholders through a platform that is easy to access and comprehend. Since the pandemic’s onset, RAP has been compiling relevant COVID-19 metrics for vital decision-making regarding the health and safety of County residents to the DPH executive team, and even more so as the County moved into the vaccination phases. The current COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard has continued to evolve, where further solutions were needed to offer streamlined and automated processing of vaccination data for visualizations and reporting. To extract, transform, and load (ETL) vaccination data, RAP utilized Python programming to meet a variety of evolving data needs and resolve technical issues efficiently, creatively and consistently. ArcGIS Hub and Dashboards were used to report and visualize vaccine metrics to assist the County’s COVID response, identify gaps as the County strives for vaccine equity, and inform the public of the County’s vaccination progress.