Arthropolooza - the Ultimate Bugfest

2021 NACo Achievement Award Winner

San Bernardino County, Calif., CA

About the Program

Category: Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation (Best in Category)

Year: 2021

Arthropolooza - The Ultimate Bugfest is an annual program, launched in February 2018, that focuses on the diversity of arthropods in the region and their ecological roles and significance to our environment. By design, the San Bernardino County Museum’s Arthropolooza is meant to immerse visitors into the world of arthropods while learning about these creepy crawlies in a fun and safe environment. The weekend program features demonstrations, games, engaging activities, live insects, art projects, and entertainment for all ages and backgrounds. In the four years since the launch, the program has served over 5,500 people including 1,000 in a virtual and drive through activity process during the COVID pandemic. Nonprofit and agency partners participating from throughout San Bernardino County all contribute to a diverse and rich visitor experience. This program helps increase science literacy and environmental conservation in our community through the excitement of insects and their relatives. The event aspires to build a strong sense of community through inclusiveness and accessibility, making science relevant, connecting people to the environment and conservation, and providing fun for attendees. By participating in the program, museum visitors are inspired to learn more about San Bernardino County’s rich arthropod diversity and their imperative role in the environment. Visitors gain a sense of connection between arthropods and humanity. Visitors are able to see, touch, and hold arthropods. Visitors gain an understanding of the ecological roles arthropods possess and enjoy activities, crafts, and games. Additionally, with the participation of partners in programming, visitors have the opportunity to learn about arthropods from experts in diverse roles, furthering the vital roles held by arthropods in our region.

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