Tiana Glenna

Tiana Glenna

Criminal Justice Services Director, Eau Claire County, Wis


Tiana Glenna is the Criminal Justice Services Director for Eau Claire County.  Tiana has Master’s in Vocational Rehabilitation. Her undergraduate degree focused on human development and family studies.

The Criminal Justice Services department is staff to the Criminal Justice Collaborating Council and is responsible for collecting and analyzing data from criminal justice agencies for the purpose of identifying and researching policy and programmatic changes to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system. Duties include plan, develop, coordinate, and evaluate programs that serve adult and juvenile offenders to promote a range of productive and rehabilitative, deflection or diversion options for use by the criminal justice system.  

Mrs. Glenna serves on the Pretrial Executive Network through the National Institute of Corrections, Wisconsin Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Wisconsin Evidence Based Decision Making Subcommittee.  Eau Claire County participates int eh following initiatives, Evidence Based Decision Making, Data Driven Justice/Familiar Faces, and Safety and Justice Challenge.