Deiva Ramachandran

Deiva Ramachandran

Partner, Generative AI Automation Leader, Public Market, IBM Consulting


Deiva is a senior Partner leading the Generative AI Automation practice for the State and Local Government, Life Sciences and Healthcare industries in IBM Consulting.  He has 22 years of deep industry experience where he has successfully led large, complex and first of a kind, transformational programs including AI for global Bio-Pharma, Medical Device and Healthcare companies.  Since 2018, he and his team have also led solutions that use Large Language Models for call center transformation, AE narrative generation, safety signal prediction, product quality, patient recruitment, acceleration of regulatory filings, same-day Prior Authorization and Claims processing, Policy Insights and Change Impact Assessment.

Deiva has partnered with Life Sciences and Healthcare companies to envision, develop, deploy and commercialize AI-powered, Patient-centric Digital Health solutions for Clinical Trials and Commercial, AI-driven Population Health, Care Management solutions as well as Medical device (IoMT) solutions enabling new business models and revenue streams.  He also led the transformation of Drug Discovery using Watson/AI, led innovation in Medical Imaging for Clinical trials and Intelligent Workflows to bring products faster to market. 
Deiva is also a Thought Leader and has published GenAI papers(1,2) and is a Conference speaker(3) on GenAI-led transformation in healthcare.

1 Transformation of Regulatory Reporting using Generative AI Automation
2 Transformation of Pharmacovigilance using Generative AI Automation
3 Transforming Safety in Life Sciences with Generative AI, The World Drug Safety Congress, Boston, October 2023.
4 CSAC AI Panelist