Photo of Allan Golston

Allan C. Golston

President, U.S. Program; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Allan C. Golston, president of the United States Program, leads the foundation’s efforts to help all students graduate from high school, get to and through college, and get a good job. Originally joining the foundation in 2000 as the chief financial officer, Allan felt a deep connection to the U.S. Program work—which spans early learning, K-12, postsecondary, and education pathways into the workforce, as well as economic mobility and opportunity—and began serving as president in 2006.

Allan believes education provides a bridge to opportunity unlike any other in America, and he is committed to ensuring all young people have the education and opportunity they deserve. This includes a deep focus on equity in education and using data to get to better outcomes for students of all backgrounds.

Allan’s professional background is in consulting, public accounting, consumer packaged goods, software development, finance, healthcare, and education. He holds an MBA from Seattle University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Colorado.