Tim Rahschulte, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer, The Professional Development Academy

Tim Rahschulte, PhD is the chief executive officer at The Professional Development Academy and chief architect of the NACo High Performance Leadership Program. Dr. Rahschulte has over twenty years of professional management experience and started his career in corporate finance for a multibillion-dollar company. Most recently before his CEO role at the Academy, he served as a principal executive for 14 years in state government; serving as chief learning officer in Oregon government until 2014. Tim is the co-author of Projects Without Boundaries: Successfully Leading Teams and Managing Projects in a Virtual World (Wiley, 2017); Program Management for Improved Business Results (Wiley, 2007); Leading Global Project Teams (Wiley, 2010); Distributed Team Collaboration in Organizations (Wiley, 2011), and My Best Advice: Proven Rules For Effective Leadership (IntelliPress Media).

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    You Bring Your Weather

    Leaders bring the weather. Everyone brings weather. What kind of weather do you bring? Said another way, what shows up when you do? 
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    Life’s Not Fair: Get Used to It

    Many life lessons are simple truisms that we learned as children and carry with us throughout our adult lives. One of the earliest and truest life lessons has to be “life’s not fair.” How many times did you hear that growing up? It was likely early in life that you realized just how true that short statement is.
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    Wearing a Uniform Doesn’t Make a Team

    Who’s the best team? Not your favorite team but rather the best team. Maybe you’re thinking of a sports team, a team of astronauts or a medical team operating in an emergency room. Maybe it’s a political team, a military unit, your favorite nightly news anchors or a team of Olympians.