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Tara Kunkel

Executive Director, Rural Justice Collaborative

About Tara Kunkel

Tara Kunkel is an award-winning, nationally known expert in the fields of criminal justice, substance use disorders, law enforcement, and public health and how they intersect with each other at the national and community levels. Tara has had a lifelong passionate career to addressing one of the nations toughest challenges. She has been trained as a social worker, her hands-on experience as a probation officer, her work within all aspects of the court system, her leadership of a federal grant program, as well as a decade of independent consultant positions, uniquely qualified her to open her business in 2020, Rulo Strategies. Currently, Tara is working on three wide-ranging national initiatives. She received her MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University, and has a BA in Psychology from the University of Virginia. She resides in Arlington, VA and is an avid escape room competitor.