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Scott Strickland

Musician, Board Member, Austin Music Commission

About Scott Strickland

If Scott were to post up with his guitar at a New York subway transfer station—or downtown Austin, for that matter, he might put a dent in the local economy with the number of people who stuck around to listen. Exploring love, loss, heartbreak, desire, self-doubt, ambition, and anxiety his debut self-titled LP, finds strength in vulnerability—and that vulnerability is his armor.

Relocating to Austin in 2013, forming the ‘Scott Strickland Band’ and releasing two critically acclaimed EPs “Fly to the Sun: The Eastern Sun Sessions” (2015), and Try This Love (2016), Scott has inspired comparisons to Seal and Dave Matthews. Making his debut LP during Covid while dealing with the most challenging times of his life, Scott has more to offer in terms of expanding the genres of Rock, R&B, and Pop. Scott is well deserving of a place among of those that so famously and fearlessly came before him.