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Sarah Frey

Director, PFM Financial Advisors LLC

About Sarah Frey

Sarah Frey is a director in the firm’s Arlington office. Since 2002, she provides financial advisory services to clients throughout Virginia and North Carolina. She assists many local governments and water and/or sewer utilities in financial planning and the execution of bond transactions. Sarah also focuses on strategies to make her clients more resilient to the unique challenges they face. Identification and evaluation of financing alternatives and restructuring opportunities, management of debt transactions, preparation of disclosure documents, development of credit presentations, and development of debt policies are all part of Sarah’s day-to-day responsibilities. She also assists with debt issuances for a variety of credit structures such as general obligation bonds, lease revenue bonds, water and sewer revenue bonds, and parking revenue bonds. Assisting clients with financial modeling and evaluation related to economic development project proposals is another responsibility of hers.

Additionally, Sarah has developed customized models for clients, such as a model that sizes future bond issues, then projects debt service coverage and pro forma income statements within an enterprise fund. Sarah’s financial advisory experience includes serving  counties, cities, utilities and state agencies.

Sarah teaches classes through the Virginia Government Finance Officers Association on Debt Management in Virginia. She is also the founder and past President of the Virginia Women in Public Finance.