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Rob Barreras

IT Supervisor, San Diego County, California

About Rob Barreras

Robert Barreras joined the County of San Diego in 2010 as an Emergency Services Coordinator for the Office of Emergency Services (OES) and has promoted multiple times.  He is currently an IT Supervisor for OES. At OES he has emphasized the importance of leveraging new technologies to advance emergency preparedness, response, and recovery efforts by overseeing the transition of the San Diego County Emergency Portal to the Microsoft Azure Cloud and the development of the County’s first mobile smartphone application, SD Emergency.  He serves as the OES IT Coordinator, the AlertSanDiego Mass Notification System Administrator, the region’s WebEOC Administrator, drafted the region’s Cyber Disruption Response Planning Annex, and is responsible for the Operational Area’s Emergency Operations Center.  Robert serves as the OES Geographic Information System (GIS) Supervisor by overseeing a team of GIS Analysts and led the development of SanMAPS (San Diego Multiple Agency Public Safety), which focuses on sharing of Common Operational Data.  Robert also applies his forward-thinking approach outside the technology arena, spearheading successful campaigns that utilize creative and innovative spins on more traditional community outreach initiatives and implementing first in the nation programs such as California Disaster Corps.   Robert has received numerous awards for his programs including International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Technology and Innovation, Center for Digital Government Best of California, Best of the Web & Digital Government Achievement, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Individual and Community Preparedness, National Association of Counties (NACo), and California Emergency Services Association (CESA) Awards.  Robert was nominated to participate in the Big City Emergency Managers (BCEM) – Emerging Leaders program and has earned California Specialist Certifications in both Emergency Management and Terrorism and Homeland Security.  Robert has served in command and general staff roles at the County’s Emergency Operations Center during multiple emergency events such as Operations Section Chief for the Border Fire (June 2016), San Diego County Wildfires (May 2014), Southwest Blackout (September 2011), San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Alert (November 2011), and Planning Section Chief for the Diablo Canyon Power Plant Alert (June 2010).  Robert graduated with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degrees in both Marketing and Management from the University of Nevada, Reno, and earned his Master of Science in Homeland Security from San Diego State University.