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Ray Garfield

President and Co-Founder, Garfield Public/Private LLC

About Ray Garfield

Ray Garfield is Chairman of Garfield Public/Private LLC (Garfield), a national real estate development firm. Garfield is a leader in the finance and development of essential public infrastructure. Ray graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1966 and served as a Naval Aviator. Following his service in the Navy, Ray went to Wall Street where he honed his financing skills with Merrill Lynch and Salomon Brothers, financing billions of dollars in major real estate projects. Leaving Wall Street, he subsequently served as Chairman & CEO of Vista Properties, Inc., a publicly held national development company which he guided into a merger with Centex Corporation. Ray with his son Greg Garfield then proceeded to start their own firm, Garfield Public/Private LLC. Founded in 1997, Garfield’s mission is to help identify and arrange the financing for and to develop essential facilities for cities, counties, state agencies, universities, and K-12 schools, airports, hospitals, and other public agencies. Garfield leads development teams bringing creative legal structures and tax-exempt financing to facilitate the development and delivery of essential new buildings for its clients.