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    Waiting by the Mailbox

    Spring is the season of hope, of joy, and of great expectations. It is the time of celebration that difficulties have been overcome and of looking ahead. This sense is reflected in our folklore and mythology as well as in our farming practices. Even our religions share a sense of hope and glory ahead.
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    Safer Cars – Safer Careers

    What would cause a generally logical and competent HR Doctor and his beautiful wife Charlotte to trade in their well-functioning truck and van, purchased only four years earlier, for new vehicles at the same time?  Certainly, it was not for the sole purpose of making the Toyota dealer ecstatically happy, although that was likely one of the resul
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    Walking in the Path of Martin Luther King, Jr.

    The treasure of lives like that of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Mother Teresa and so many others represent the spirit of our species searching for improvement and hope. They are our real heroes, far more so than the athletes, actors and politicians we seem to worship.