Nazlin Huerta

Senior Health Services Manager and MCAH Coordinator, Solano County, Calif.

About Nazlin Huerta

Nazlin Huerta is a Senior Health Services Manager/Maternal Child Adolescent Health Coordinator with Solano County Department of Health & Social Services, Public Health Division in overseeing Maternal Child Adolescent Health perinatal programs.  She is passionate about the impact perinatal home visiting programs have on overburdened families in cultivating and strengthening nurturing parent-child relationships and enhancing protective factors to improve family functioning.  Nazlin possesses diverse experience in community health including health care systems and prevention programs.  She implemented Healthy Families America (HFA) in Solano County in 2012 and successfully completed HFA Accreditation in 2015. Nazlin serves as a HFA National Peer Reviewer.   She successfully advocated and was granted Mental Health Services Act funding to establish Perinatal Mental Health programs in Solano County.  In addition, Nazlin provides oversight for planning and implementation of the following programs: Nurse-Family Partnership, Adolescent Family Life, and Black Infant Health.