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Michele Myauo

Managing Director & Senior Security Executive, North America Public Services Security Lead

About Michele Myauo

Michele Myauo, Ph.D., is a cybersecurity and IT executive, author, speaker, and professor. Myauo has over 21 yrs. experience leading cybersecurity, IT systems engineering and services sales and business execution globally across academia, industry, and government, including the U.S. Intelligence Community and departments such as Commerce, Defense, Energy, Homeland Security, and State.  At Accenture Myauo is a Managing Director and Sr. Security Executive leading the North America Public Services Security Industry focused on empowering state and local governments, educational institutions, and non-profits in rapidly adopting secure and resilient cybersecurity solutions to innovate and achieve more sustainably.  Myauo serves on the Global Advisory Board of Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and the National CyberWatch Center National Visiting Committee.

Prior to Accenture, Myauo held leadership positions in cybersecurity and IT at Microsoft and IBM.  Myauo was also a professor at The George Washington University.  Myauo holds a Doctorate in systems engineering from The George Washington University, a M.S. in industrial and organization psychology from University of Baltimore, and a B.S. in psychology from Bethany College.