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Marlene Collick

Deputy Director, Genesee County Community Corrections

About Marlene Collick

Marlene Collick is the Deputy Director of Genesee County Community Corrections. As a thought leader in the recovery industry, Marlene offers her expertise in the Corrections Market - one of the significant contributors to the overdose epidemic. Marlene has experience that dates back to 2002, when she managed the Michigan Prisoner Reentry effort for Genesee and Shiawassee Counties.  In 2012, she expanded her role in this market to specifically focus on Community Corrections, Pretrial Services, and the Opioid crisis.  She is even mastered in both REIKI and Recovery REIKI (aka Golden Heart). For the past two decades, Marlene has worked diligently to develop and implement programs that encourage individuals in recovery to return to being productive members of society.  Most recently, she was a cofounder of the Center for Recovery Innovation (CRI), a Think Tank focused on uniquely addressing the opioid epidemic.  This organization has developed digital solutions to address the addiction issue by recruiting Data Scientists, Engineers, and Psychosocial Clinicians together to create solutions based on cloud, mobile, IoT and AI technologies.  Marlene has worked with CRI to implement innovative technology-based solutions that will reduce overdoses and ultimately prevent deaths.  Marlene’s advocacy, as an individual that has recovered from addiction, enables her to educate policy makers, legislators and practitioners working in the recovery community.