Lisa Soronen

Executive Director, State and Local Legal Center

Lisa Soronen is the Executive Director of the State and Local Legal Center (SLLC).  Prior to joining the SLLC, Ms. Soronen worked for the National School Boards Association, the Wisconsin Association of School Boards, and clerked for the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.

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    Supreme Court to decide groundwater Clean Water Act

    If a state or local government discharges a pollutant from a point source to a navigable water it must obtain a permit under the Clean Water Act (CWA). But what if that pollutant is conveyed in something—say groundwater—between the point source and the navigable water? Must the state or local government still obtain a permit?
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    What’s next for the 2020 Census?

    A federal district court has held that a question about citizenship may not be included in the 2020 census. The federal government has asked the Supreme Court to rule on this question right away rather than let the Second Circuit weigh in because the census questionnaire must be printed soon.