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José Valenzuela

Senior Director of Mitigation, Tidal Basin

About José Valenzuela

José Valenzuela is the Senior Director of Mitigation for Tidal Basin. Prior to joining Tidal Basin, Mr. Valenzuela was appointed as the State Hazard Mitigation Officer (SHMO) for Puerto Rico on November 2017, after the hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the Island. As the SHMO, Mr. Valenzuela oversaw the biggest HMGP award by FEMA, $2.9 billion, and was responsible for the biggest Code Enforcement mitigation grant awarded by FEMA, $144 million. Mr. Valenzuela led the mitigation team that developed a comprehensive mitigation grant program and initiated an extensive standardization and update process for 78 local mitigation plans. Also as the SHMO, Mr. Valenzuela coordinated all efforts related to risk reduction, such as the FEMA MAT report for hurricanes Irma and Maria, the adoption of the ABFE’s and the adoption of the 2018 ICC Building Codes, among others. This effort has been recognized with the Community Service Award 2019 by the International Code Council. Mr. Valenzuela was appointed in January 2017 as an Associate Member and Vice President of the Puerto Rico Planning Board, the agency that manages the NFIP, the land use regulations and planning for the island. Previously, Valenzuela was appointed in January 2009, as the Advisor to the Governor on Energy, Environment, Infrastructure, Permitting and Planning Affairs, a position he held during the entire term of the Administration.