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Jerry Keely

Chief Information Security Officer, Pinal County, Arizona

About Jerry Keely

Jerry Keely has been an integral part of Pinal County for nearly 17 years, currently serving as the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and prior to that, IT Operations Manager. During his tenure, he spearheaded the creation of Arizona's first "311" information call center, which greatly improved communication between the county and its constituents. In his current role, Jerry focuses on developing and implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity program, which includes educating county staff and constituents on cybersecurity best practices. He has implemented modern security tools and techniques, developed policies and procedures, and aligned county departments to ensure the security and resilience of the county's cyber presence. Jerry has made cybersecurity his primary mission, creating a culture of cybersecurity at Pinal County, and has worked to align the county with statewide local and tribal governments, K-12 educational institutions, and citizen and specialty groups. His efforts have been instrumental in leading the state's proactive approach to sharing information and protecting its partners from cyber threats.