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Hon. Shannon Reid

Commissioner, Douglas County, Kan.

About Hon. Shannon Reid

Commissioner Shannon Reid represents the 2nd District on the Douglas County Commission. Shannon is a lifelong Lawrence townie, proud to have been raised there by a community who cared and offered support throughout her youth, which was steeped in experiences of family violence and deep personal trauma. Without the community support offered by her neighbors, friends’ families, robust social services, and many wonderful teachers -- Shannon is certain her life would look different today.  During her time as a student at University of Kansas, Shannon served as a Resident Assistant at Hashinger Hall, a role that helped her lean into her natural empathy skills and an ability to lead by way of compassionate connection. Being an RA laid an early foundation for a career in social justice and advocacy work.  She later moved to Brooklyn after spending 2 life-changing summers in upstate New York at Camp Fiver, which gave her the opportunity to learn what community building and empowerment could look like for ethnically diverse young folks who were surviving varied injustices in their home communities. Shannon left for Brooklyn more eager than ever to explore the path of public service & was selected to be an AmeriCorps VISTA Member at an organization that provided a wide scope of supports to dense neighborhood communities. In February 2013, Shannon became Court Advocacy Coordinator at The Willow Domestic Violence Center so she could support folks navigating the legal system as a means to establish safety for their families. She had direct lived experience with our local systems, which she realized could be leveraged as useful peer support for others. Her role offers insight into the daily barriers & struggles of many folks navigating our systems, allowing her to help amplify survivors' voices more.