Eileen Higgins

Hon. Eileen Higgins

Commissioner, Miami-Dade County, Fla.; Chair, NACo Transportation Policy Steering Committee

About Hon. Eileen Higgins

Eileen Higgins has served as the County Commissioner for District 5 since 2018, representing portions of the cities of Miami and Miami Beach. Serving a diverse district with stark inequality, Commissioner Higgins is a leading voice for closing existing equity gaps by bringing transportation to underserved neighborhoods, championing increased affordable housing, creating an economic ecosystem to support small minority-owned businesses, defending low-wage workers, seniors and LGTBQ allies, and protecting the waters that surround Miami-Dade. She currently serves as Vice-Chair of NACo’s Transportation Steering Committee (TSC) where she has represented NACo’s transportation and infrastructure objectives nationally on several occasions, including testimony at the Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth hearing titled “Connecting Americans to Prosperity: How Infrastructure can Bolster Inclusive Economic Growth.” She also serves on NACo’s Economic Mobility Leadership Network. An engineer by trade with an undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico and an MBA from Cornell University, Eileen is a problem solver with a proven record of helping businesses and local organizations address a range of complex issues. Her work as a Country Director in the Peace Corps and as a diplomat in the U.S. State Department gives her the ability to look at local challenges with a unique perspective and compassionate manner.