Emily Mayo

Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Development Specialist, Friends of Southwest Virginia

Emily is a Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Development Specialist for Friends of Southwest Virginia. She is currently working with 12 counties and 2 cities in Southwest Virginia to identify opportunities, build capacity and connect communities to creative economy initiatives. Emily comes to our team with a diverse background in facilitation, outdoor recreation and natural resources management. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Parks and Recreation Administration with a focus on Natural Resources and Recreation Management from Eastern Kentucky University.
The creative economy focuses on innovative business development techniques, and finding successes that no longer rely on limited resources of land, labor and capital.  Through working with the creative economy Emily has been able to work with diverse groups of individuals; from outdoor recreation enthusiast, artisans, and town or county officials. Prior to working with Friends of SWVA she has experienced many forms of leadership. She has been a certified primary group fitness instructor since 2010 and has led unique classes to a wide range of ages; she’s worked at a world class outdoor recreation resort in West Virginia as a guide, manager of zip lines and aquatics, and as team building facilitator.