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Dr. Chris Roberts

Principal - Infrastructure and Projects Advisory, KPMG, LLP

About Dr. Chris Roberts

Dr. Christian Roberts has over 28 years of experience managing assets and providing strategic advisory services to the critical infrastructure sectors. He brings extensive experience at the national and international levels, having led asset strategy, digital, and organization transformation projects across the globe, resulting in significant savings, risk reduction, and performance improvement.

Dr. Roberts’ experience in driving asset performance and planning for long-term asset investment, is directly relevant to today’s opportunities from the federal infrastructure funding. Chris is focused on driving economic growth, climate resilience, sustainability, and social equity through targeted investment in infrastructure. A Fellow of the IAM, and a Registered Asset Management Professional (AMP), he was nominated as a principal expert at the International Committee responsible for the creation of the International Standards Organization (ISO) standard for asset management (ISO-55001:2014). Dr. Roberts is the current president and Board Director of the Institute of Asset Management