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Della Jenkins

Executive Director, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy

About Della Jenkins

Della Jenkins joined AISP as the Executive Director in 2017. She is passionate about the potential of cross-sector research to improve equity, efficiency, and quality in social service delivery and promote better policy-making. As Executive Director, she works to ensure alignment across AISP’s many initiatives, oversees the operations and strategic planning of a national network of integrated data systems (IDS) and supports network sites as they work to build and leverage their IDS to inform policy and practice.

Ms. Jenkins prior experience includes child advocacy, policy analysis, and applied, mixed-methods research and program evaluation spanning the birth to post-secondary education spectrum. She earned her BA in Political Science from Georgetown University and her MA in Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to joining the AISP team full-time, she served as a consultant on the AISP Innovation Project convening panelists and reporting on best practices for ethical and effective IDS governance.