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    Captain Bill Kirk


CEO & Co-Founder, Weather Trends International

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    Weather Trends International Predictions for 2019

    Were you expecting a below average hurricane season this year?  Were you expecting a warm Fall?  Are you expecting a warm Winter with not a lot of snow?   In July, NACo 2018 annual conference attendees in Nashville, Tennessee heard from Weather Trends International’s CEO Captain Bill Kirk that those forecasts would be completely wrong.  Bill is
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    Year-ahead Forecasting Can Save Counties Money

    What if you knew the weather...up to a year in advance?  What would you do differently? Northampton County, Pennsylvania used weathertrends360’s year-ahead forecast to better plan their annual budgets. The forecast indicated the coming winter would be the 2nd warmest in decades, 10F warmer than the prior year with 75% less snowfall forecast.