Bradley Myles

CEO, Polaris

Bradley Myles is the executive director and CEO of Polaris, a global leader in eradicating human trafficking. Mr. Myles helped build Washington, D.C.'s first-ever Human Trafficking Task Force, and under his leadership, Polaris has worked to strengthen the U.S. national movement against human trafficking through policy advocacy in all 50 states and through a wide range of training and capacity-building programs. Mr. Myles also helped created and launch Polaris's U.S. national human trafficking hotline, which has identified and responded to over 25,000 cases of human trafficking and is regarded as one of the best-functioning anti-trafficking hotlines in the world. 

Mr. Myles is currently focusing his efforts on Polaris’s future strategy for the next decade, including better anti-trafficking hotline coverage globally, strengthening partnerships with the world's leading technology companies and undertaking new data-driven intervention efforts targeted towards eliminating specific types of modern slavery worldwide.  Mr. Myles holds degrees in ssychology and political science from Stanford University and is the 2017 recipient of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.