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Anthony Pacilio

Vice President of Neurodiverse Solutions at CAI

About Anthony Pacilio

Anthony Pacilio, is recognized domestically and internationally,
as an expert in neurodiverse employment and currently
serves as Vice President of CAI Neurodiverse Solutions. Pacilio
specializes in advancing neurodiversity programs and leads the
global expansion efforts of Neurodiverse Solutions at CAI.
As the previous Vice President and Global Head of Autism at
Work for JPMorgan Chase & Co., Mr. Pacilio brings a wealth of
experience to CAI Neurodiverse Solutions. He has expertise in
managing neurodiversity recruiting efforts, developing candidate
pipelines, and ensuring best practices for onboarding
support, training, and organizational success. Throughout his
career, he has served in a variety of technical and commercial
roles in the banking, finance, and healthcare industries with
roles at MBNA America, Bank of America, and CIGNA.
As an author, speaker, and lecturer, Pacilio has been speaking
on the topic since 2015. He has given over 100 presentations
at conferences, universities, non-academic organizations, and
student groups around the world. DisabilityIN, Asperger/Autism
Spectrum Education Network (ASPEN), National Association of
Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), Diversity Research
Inclusion Conference, India Autism At Work Summit and the
Association of Corporate Counsel are key organizations that
have featured Pacilio as a speaker and leading expert in neurodiversity.
Pacilio is one of the authors of the Autism at Work Playbook, a
leading guide for neurodiverse employment practices, written
in partnership with Microsoft, SAP, EY, JPMorgan Chase and
Washington University’s Information School. Pacilio lectures
annually on the future of neurodiversity in the workplace at
Cornell University’s School of International Labor Relations and
previously lectured at Stanford University School of Medicine’s
Neurodiversity Project.
Pacilio is an alumnus of CAI’s Managing Diversity Leadership
Program and in conjunction with JPMorgan Chase’s Autism at
Work program, was awarded the Adam Heavner Award by the
Autism Society in 2019. He also serves on the Advisory Board
of the Exceptional Academy and previously served as a board
member for Specialisterne, Inc.
In his free time, Pacilio is a passionate advocate for autism
initiatives and is committed to developing diverse and inclusive
workforces for all organizations. A graduate of the State
University of New York College at Plattsburgh, and holds a
BS in Mass Media and Communications, Pacilio lives in Utica,
New York.