Andi Phillips

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Maycomb Capital

Andi Phillips is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Maycomb Capital, a new impact investing platform, under which she leads the Community Outcomes Fund, the largest U.S. outcomes-based financing fund to date.  Ms. Phillips has over 25 years of experience leading, designing and implementing large scale, public private partnerships that leverage private investment to address pressing social challenges.  Previously, Ms. Phillips launched and managed the Goldman Sachs Social Impact Fund and led signature social impact bond investments for the firm including the investment in the Rikers Island Social Impact Bond, the first such transaction ever executed by a financial institution and in the U.S. market.  Ms. Phillips has been the principal investment professional, leading the investment for 4 of the first 8 transactions done in the U.S. market, including transactions that financed recidivism reduction in Massachusetts and early childhood education in Utah and Chicago.  Previously, Ms. Phillips was president of a Community Development Financing Institution (“CDFI”), Seedco Financial, which provided affordable capital to small businesses and nonprofits in disadvantaged communities. At Seedco, Andi also managed performance-based contracts in workforce development, totaling over $100 million. 

Ms. Phillips holds a BA from Tufts University and an MPP from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Ms. Phillips lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and three sons.