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‘Tech savvy’ Sacramento and Pinellas counties take top honors from PTI for technology programs

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Two counties are among the three local governments that have been awarded the 2015 “Tech Savvy” designation by the Public Technol­ogy Institute (PTI). Sacramento County, Calif. and Pinellas County, Fla. have each been named a “Tech Savvy County” for their innovative technology programs.

This is the second consecutive year these two counties were hon­ored by PTI.

Pinellas County was recognized for its 2015 Strategic Business and Technology Plan. The plan, developed by the county’s Business Technology Services (BTS) Depart­ment, aims to improve customer service around technology for county residents.

“The progressive use of technol­ogy across Pinellas County is the major driver behind receiving this award,” said Marty Rose, the county’s chief information officer. Partner­ships between several local authorities are critical to the county’s successful technology programs,” he added. “BTS is proud to partner with our appointing authorities, constitution­als’ offices and the Sixth Judicial Circuit in support of this progressive technology strategy.”

The strategic plan provides a framework for organizing, imple­menting and incorporating new projects with existing business and technical services, and establishes communication channels for county officials, residents, businesses and other key stakeholders.

Pinellas has also recently received awards for its “Doing Things for You!” mobile application, and Rose noted that for all of its technology projects, the county is “constantly looking to engage our citizens in partnering with us to help all the citizens of Pinellas County.”

PTI recognized Sacramento County for its technology efforts in two areas: tracking services and sustainable initiatives. The county’s Department of Tech­nology developed tracking and data analytics services including program tracking for the Department of Human Services and 311 Connect, a dashboard and map of service re­quests, for the county executive’s team.

“It is a tremendous honor for Sacramento County to be one of only three jurisdictions nationwide to be presented with the Public Technology Institute 2015 Tech Savvy Designation,” said Rami Zakaria, the county’s chief information officer. “The county’s new approach to IT ser­vice delivery focuses on countywide efficiencies, as well as department specific business applications and the investment in smart technology solutions.”

The county also uses technol­ogy in its sustainability programs. The county developed an online resource center, Green.SacCounty. net, for community members to ac­cess information about the county’s green services. Additionally, the Department of Waste Management and Recycling was recognized for its waste-to-energy power plant, in which gases produced from landfill decomposition are converted into electricity and sold to a local utility company — reducing greenhouse gas emissions while producing revenue.

“Sacramento County is committed to streamlining operations and improv­ing services through the use of new technologies,” said County Execu­tive Bradley J. Hudson. “The Public Technology Institute recognition is acknowledgement of the progress we have (made), and will continue to make.” The county has also made energy-efficient lighting a priority, replacing old lights in streetlamps, office buildings and the Sacramento County International Airport with new energy-efficient systems.

Honorees will receive their awards during the PTI 2015 Local Govern­ment CIO Summit, October 11–13 in Salt Lake City.

PTI supports technology in counties and cities, and recognizes local governments each year for demonstrating a culture of technol­ogy excellence and implementing innovative, organization-wide technology programs.

PTI began recognizing member local governments in 2014. That year, Montgomery County, Md. was also honored.

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