NACo Financial Services Corporation

The National Association of Counties Financial Services Corporation (NACo FSC) leverages NACo’s networks, evaluates emerging market county needs and establishes sustainable, cost-saving and value-added solutions that can be applied nationwide. By providing quality solutions, we strive to develop and maintain healthy, vibrant and safe counties across the United States.

Current NACo FSC Programs:

Nationwide Deferred Compensation Program

NACo FSC, in partnership with Nationwide Retirement Solutions (NRS), and state associations of counties, provides county employees with a Section 457 Deferred Compensation Program. Since its inception in 1980, NACo's Deferred Compensation Program has grown to become the largest supplemental retirement income program available to county employees. More than 400,000 county employees from more than 3,100 county agencies currently participate in the program, with accumulated assets of more than $20 billion.

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Revenue Recovery

The Revenue Recovery Program allows any eligible debt owed to local government agencies to be repaid by withholding state personal income tax refunds, lottery proceeds and other state-level revenue events. This proprietary software managed by NACo FSC shares a vision of healthy, safe and vibrant counties across America through offering an affordable, simple and efficient method for debt collection.

Public Finance Authority

The Public Finance Authority (PFA) is a unique governmental entity created to issue tax-exempt conduit bonds for public and private entities in all 50 states as well as on a multi-state basis. PFA’s mission is to provide local governments and private entities access to low-cost, tax-exempt financing for projects that provide a tangible public benefit, contribute to social and economic growth and development and improve the quality of life in counties and cities across the country.

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Cybersecurity Collaborative

In partnership with the Cyber Risk Alliance, state associations of counties and affiliate government organizations, NACo FSC provides a knowledge transfer platform that gives access to top tier public and private cybersecurity professionals. This government cybersecurity collaborative increases the access to information, intelligence, best practices and resources that creates an agile, cooperative ecosystem. The collective purpose of this social network is to proactively strengthen America’s counties to better defend and protect themselves, their communities and our economy from cyberattacks

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cashvest® by three+one is a cash management platform that provides new and unparalleled level of liquidity analysis and data services for local, county, school district and college governing bodies. cashvest® is able to manage an organization’s funds as a revenue-generating asset, identify the current value of an organization’s cash and use time-horizon data to capture the highest possible yield to optimize the organization’s cash. cashvest® uses propriety algorithms for data-drive decision making to safely increase yields on current cash deposits and enhance revenue sources. The longevity and perditability of your cash liquidity is identified giving you superior options for an organization’s bank deposits.

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FSC Board

  • Chair, Maya Rockeymoore-Cummings, Ph.D., President & CEO, Global Policy Solutions, LLC
  • Vice Chair, Hon. Chris Rodgers, NACo Past President, Commissioner, Douglas County, Neb.
  • Hon. Gary Moore, Judge/Executive, Boone County, Ky.
  • Secretary, Matt Chase, Executive Director, NACo
  • Lew Cramer, CEO, Colliers International
  • Bill Jasien, Executive Chairman, NACo FSC
  • Paul Terragno, Managing Director, NACo FSC
  • Steve Juarez, Senior Consultant
  • Mark O’Connell, Executive Director, Wisconsin Counties Association
  • Shelby Scharbach, Chief Financial Officer, Maricopa County, Ariz.
  • Hon. Glen Whitley, NACo Past President, Judge, Tarrant County, Texas