Virtual Learning Session: Disconnected Youth

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    Virtual Learning Session: Disconnected Youth

    Nationwide nearly 5 million youth between the ages of 16 and 24 are considered “disconnected,” meaning not in school or the workforce. The overall rate of disconnection is 12 percent—or nearly 1 in 8 youth—and even higher in rural counties, as well as among African American, Native American and Hispanic youth.

    Join the National Association of Counties, in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and your peers for a virtual learning session focused on a dual approach to explore how to best support disconnected youth. During our convening, you can expect to hear information presented and then participate in a discussion with others, in small group and full group conversations. Please plan to join us via Zoom. We encourage you to sign on 5-10 minutes before our session to test your connection, webcam and audio. Zoom has an app available if you would like to join from a smartphone or tablet. You should have received a calendar confirmation with the zoom link that we will use for the session. 

    Your full participation in our February 1st session will make this learning exchange a success. What does this mean for you?

    • Come ready to learn, bring your questions and curiosity
    • Prepare to have your webcam and audio on. Our aim is to create a virtual experience that is as close to a face-to-face meeting as possible. When everyone in the meeting can see one another, all participants have an equal ability to participate in the conversation. 
    • Be gracious with yourself and one another as we work in a virtual space that may be new for many. Engaging visually and via chat or voice can encourage colleagues to learn the benefits of virtual meetings. 

    The session will focus on youth who are disconnected. You can expect to:

    • Gain practical ideas about how to harness data and utilize partnerships to serve youth who are disconnected in your specific context;
    • Utilize and interactive learning format to meet other peers working to create conditions for health who share an interest in taking action on solutions that serve youth who are disconnected; and
    • Deepen your network and make new connections with colleagues across the country.

    When: February 1, 2019, 1:00 PM- 2:30 PM EST

    At the end of this session, participants will learn how to effectively initiate and enhance collaboration with strategic partners; analyze strategies that have application within counties; identify data sources that indicate measurements of disconnected youth; learn how to effectively communicate and address the challenges of disconnected youth; and connect with other county leaders to reflect and exchange learning experiences.

    Zoom Platform

    For those of you who are new to Zoom, we will be offering a technology pop-up focused on introducing Zoom. We are hosting one 30-minute pop up right before our session to introduce participants to Zoom and navigate through any technical issues ahead of time. This is not a requirement, but if you have any nervousness about connecting virtually via Zoom you are welcome to join. 

    You can join on February 1st at 12:30 PM EST

    How? Five minutes before the start time, click:

    Also, if you don’t have a camera on your computer you can order one that plugs into you USB port. Here is an example of one.

    Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and will be capped at 15 participants. No more than two individuals from the same county may attend. Please take into account that a modest amount of pre-work is required prior to the virtual learning session, details to follow.

    Please note: the peer exchange will be virtual, so a webcam is required. Please contact Kirsty Fontaine at if you have any questions or concerns.

    Nationwide nearly 5 million youth between the ages of 16 and 24 are considered “disconnected,” meaning not in school or the workforce.