Municipal Finance and Services Corp.

Municipal Finance & Services Corp.

We offer an Accelerated Municipal Payment (AMP) program that is a unique, capital assistance cash-flow solution specifically designed for the county and municipal sectors. When fully implemented, the AMP program reduces operating expenses, reduces legacy costs, improves vendor cash-flow, creates new jobs, improves DBE/RFP participation, and most importantly, creates a substantial, previously unrealized revenue stream for the client jurisdiction. The Municipal Finance & Services Corporation (MFSC) accomplishes this by accelerating payments due to vendors servicing our muni client. By providing the county and muni clients with new, extended payment terms of Net-60+, this allows them to capitalize upon the full scope of benefits afforded under the AMP program. The AMP program is provided and managed at absolutely no cost to the county client with all “heavy lifting" facilitated by the AMP/MFSC team.

Features & Benefits provided under the MFSC – “AMP” program

  1. Substantial Revenue Opportunity & Profit Center
  2. No Fee / No Cost Program
  3. No Legal Encumbrances, Liens, UCC Filings or Debt Reporting Requirements
  4. Financial Cashflow Autonomy / Extended Terms
  5. Enhanced Bond Rating
  6. Improved Financial Statements and Credit Score
  7. Enhanced Technology, Improved Reporting and Reduction of Cost
  8. Constituent Benefits, Enhanced DBE / Vendor Participation
    • Job Creation
    • Reduction of Costs
  9. Positive reception from all sides
  10. Unique, Yet Simple Vendor Program
  11. Improved / Enhanced Credit Rating - Lowers future borrowing costs

NACo's Premier Corporate Membership Program is more than raising the visibility of NACo Premier Members. It is about exchanging information with decision makers at the county government level and building relationships based on an understanding of one another's issues, priorities and timeliness.

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