National Collaborative for Infants and Toddlers

The National Collaborative for Infants and Toddlers (NCIT) is excited to unveil its new Online Solution Center! Access new tools and resources that can help you advance PN-3 policies in states and communities.

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County's Role in Early Childhood Development

Neuroscience shows that the most rapid period of brain development occurs within the first three years of life - more than at any other point - laying the foundation for all future learning, behavior and health.  By investing in young children early, counties have an opportunity to deliver high-quality services with higher returns and reduce the need for more expensive interventions later.  Counties not only play a pivotal role in building thriving communities for an estimated 16 million children ages birth to three across the United States, but also invest in core policies and services that help to shape early childhood systems. 

NACo's Partnership with NCIT

NACo is a proud partner of The National Collaborative for Infants and Toddlers (NCIT).  Funded through the Pritzker Children’s Initiative (PCI), NCIT brings together national partners, early childhood leaders, philanthropy, policymakers and practitioners inside and outside state and local government to create and strengthen promising policies and programs, and share what works, so that more states and communities can support the healthy development of our youngest children.  

Take Action!

Counties can spark and enhance early childhood investments by taking the following steps, and together, NACo and NCIT can assist counties interested in pursuing action.

Pass a Resolution

Take action now by passing a resolution and taking the necessary steps to positive change for young children in your community.  Participating counties will receive virtual resources to assist with your local implementation efforts and access support to drive change for your youngest residents.  Together, NACo and NCIT partners urge county leaders to pass a resolution demonstrating your county’s commitment to strengthening early childhood programs, services, policies and systems to help all children reach their full potential.  If your county has passed a resolution, please forward a signed copy to

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Join the Rural, Suburban and Urban Peer Learning Networks

Learn from national experts and other counties about early childhood best practices and local innovations. Sign up below to receive regular updates about the initiative and join one of our small group peer learning networking calls for small/rural, mid-size/suburban or large/urban counties today!

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Additional Information

Impact Network

The Impact Network is a group of 8 counties that have been selected through a competitive application process to receive a grant and customized technical assistance to convene an early childhood stakeholder group, complete a community assessment, and develop an action plan that focuses on local solutions for children from prenatal to age three.  The inaugural cohort includes: Boone County, Mo.; Dauphin County, Pa.; Champaign County, Ill.; Pierce County, Wash.; Ramsey County, Minn.; Tarrant County, Texas; Washington County, Va.; and Watauga County, N.C.  Together, NACo and NCIT applaud the pioneering work of these counties and their leadership in building stronger futures for infants and toddlers.



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