Hire Quality Staff

Good employees are crucial to getting the job done. Through this section, NACo provides a method for counties to find the right people to fill staffing vacancies.

Open Positions

Ada County 9th District Court
Salary Range: 
$140,000 - $175,000
Jun. 14, 2019
Broward County Board of County Commissioners
Salary Range: 
$57,549.65 - $91,849.68 Annually
Jun. 4, 2019
City of Ames
Salary Range: 
$95,769 – $148,646
May. 31, 2019
County of Santa Cruz
Salary Range: 
$211,078 – $282,818 Annually
May. 28, 2019

About Job Listings

  • Jobs Online

    Ads posted to NACo's website cost $200 per 2 weeks or any fraction thereof for NACo member counties and $300 for all others. There is no restriction on length, although only one position per ad is posted to the site. Ads received before 3 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, are posted within 24 hours.

  • County News Job Market Classified Ad (newspaper)

    Job Market classified ads cost $7 per line for member counties and $10 per line for all others. A line consists of approximately 38 characters, including spaces and punctuation.


Contact Information

If you'd prefer to display an ad for your job advertisement or have questions regarding job listings, contact the Editorial Assistant at edassist@naco.org.