County Tech Xchange: COVID-19 Software Guide for Counties

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COVID-19 Free Software Options


Cisco is offering free meeting software and supports unlimited usage, supports up to 100 people per meeting, and has toll dial-in availability.


Citibot is offering free text message services to municipalities to help them keep their citizens updated with the latest information regarding COVID-19.


Comcast is offering low-cost internet to low-income families. New internet essential customers will receive two free months of Internet service, which is available to all qualified low-income households.

ESRI Coronavirus Response

A collection of maps and apps that can be used by Public Health agencies to understand the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). The organization needs to deploy Coronavirus Response on ArcGIS Organization. The series of ArcGIS applications can be used to monitor coronavirus cases, track the impact on public gathering places (for example, schools, government buildings, common places), inventory testing sites, and share this information with the public.


This toolkit shows free Granicus tools for local governments to implement easily and quickly to help stop the spread of misinformation. This includes govNews embeddable widgets, sign-up overlay, govNews search bar and coming soon the govNews Feed.


Google will provide free access to the advanced Hangouts meeting service to all G-Suite and G-Suite for Education customers across the globe until July 1, 2020


With COVID-19 affecting over 200 countries, areas and territories, IBM is helping government agencies, healthcare organizations and academic institutions throughout the world use AI to put critical data and information into the hands of their citizens. Counties are on the front lines in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic - see how local as well as state and national governments are using Watson Assistant for Citizens to help scale their emergency response: More information can be found in the IBM News Room.


Providing free Emergency Remote Work Kits for Health Care Providers, Educational Institutions, Municipalities & Non-Profit organizations, and current LogMeIn customers.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is offering a free version of MS Teams for organizations using Office 365, so their teams can collaborate better in terms of team chat, meetings, and file sharing.

Remote Utilities:

Allows remote access up to 10 PCs. The service provides several tools to help with pairing process, including a Viewer for the computer you want to use as a controller. Remote access modules include task manager, file transfer, power control, and text chat.


Salesforce is providing the following tools and resources:

Health Cloud:  Through Health Cloud, Salesforce will provide free access to technology for emergency response teams, call centers, and care management teams for health systems affected by coronavirus.

Tableau:  Through a free data resource hub, Salesforce aims to provide organizations ability to see and understand coronavirus data in near real-time. This includes data compiled from John Hopkins University, WHO and CDC.

Quip Starter:  Salesforce is providing free Quip Starter to its customers and non-profit organizations through September 30, 2020. The tools help teams collaborate while working remotely.


Offering low-cost internet to students. The company will install broadband and Wi-Fi in new student households free of charge and provide access for 60 days. The offer is also available to families with both K-12 and college students. To enroll call-1-844-488-8395.


The Splunk Corona Virus dashboard is provided through Github as an informational tool without charge to all those who are working to understand and combat COVID-19.


The National Cyber Security Alliance, has launched the COVID-19 Security Resource Library to provide organizations and individuals with resources they can use and share.  This library features free and updated information on current scams, cyber threats, remote working, disaster relief, and more relevant and helpful information to address security and privacy concerns surrounding the global COVID-19 outbreak.


T-Mobike is providing unlimited data to all current customers who have plans with data for next 60 days. It will also provide additional data to mobile hotspot users.


Wizer is providing free Security Awareness training for employees and citizens.  Short whiteboard videos have been developed to cover cyber security issues that all citizens need to be aware of.  A former Michigan County IT Director is part of their team.

Workplace by Facebook

Facebook is making available Workplace to emergency services and government organizations - Workplace brings video calling, instant messaging and information sharing together in a simple tool that anybody can pick up and use.

Free Security Tools

How strong is your password?

How can I manage my password?

Activate two-factor authentication

  • If you want to check what services offer users the possibility to activate two factor authentication use TwoFactorAuth

How can I know if my account was breached?

How do I stay updated about data breaches?

How can I ensure I am Safe Browsing?

  • Keep Apps like BROWSERS, PLUG-INS, ADD_ONS up to date.

How can I avoid phishing or malware attacks? It’s always best that you don’t click on any links that you don’t know. The links that look perfectly legitimate or similar can be checked on:


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