National Toward Zero Deaths Strategy: Road Map to Implementation

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One person dies every 16 minutes in a traffic crash in the United States. Over the course of a lifetime, nearly every U.S. resident is touched by consequences of traffic crashes. Toward Zero Deaths is the United States’ highway safety vision. It is the only acceptable target for our nation, our families and us as individuals. Zero is not an impossible goal, but it will take all of us to get there.

Led by the TZD Steering Committee, the National Strategy on Highway Safety provides a platform of consistency for state agencies, local governments, private industry, national organizations and others to develop safety plans that prioritize traffic safety culture and promote the national TZD vision. Join this workshop where participants will learn the major goals of the initiative, learn how to use tools to institutionalize the national strategy, understand where their counties fall on a continuum of program development, and learn strategies to engage with nontraditional partners.


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