Marketplace Fairness

Marketplace Fairness

Marketplace fairness legislation would level the playing field between online retailers and Main Street businesses by enabling state and local governments to collect already-existing sales and use taxes on online purchases.

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Write to Your Members of Congress on Marketplace Fairness

Urge members of your Congressional delegation to act on Marketplace Fairness before the end of the year by combining the legislation with a temporary extension of the Internet Tax Freedom Act. Without the Marketplace Fairness Act, counties will continue to be unable to collect billions in sales tax revenue.  This is much needed revenue that could be used to provide critical services to local communities.​ Click below to customize the letter for your county and send it to your members of Congress.​

Draft Letter to Congress on Marketplace Fairness

Enacting #efairness isn't creating a new tax, it allows states & #counties to enforce EXISTING sales tax laws

#Counties and states are missing out on +$23bn in revenue from EXISTING sales tax laws, support #efairness​

Level the playing field for Main Street & enforce EXISTING sales tax laws by supporting #efairness​

#Efairness would provide +$23bn in existing sales tax revenue for states, #counties for critical public services​

Enforcing existing sales tax laws via #efairness would provide critical revenue for education, health, public safety​

Tell Congress to address #efairness and enforce EXISTING sales tax laws for online retailers​

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