Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies is the largest provider of integrated software and technology services focused on empowering the public sector. We provide the technology that makes communities safer, more transparent, and more responsive to the needs of its citizens. Together, we can turn your vision of a vibrant, modern, safe community, into a reality by creating Connected Communities.

Tyler Solutions

  • Transformative Technology digitizes government operations to help the public sector store, share, and use data. This allows for more transparency, accessibility, and insight to help break down silos in order to create improved, connected communities.
  • Our Public Administration solutions support the core functions of every government – appraisal, tax collections, records, community development, utility billing, asset maintenance, finance, and administration – by connecting the dots between departments to provide efficient workflow, transparency, and data sharing.
  • Tyler’s Courts & Public Safety solutions completely transform the responsiveness, awareness, and procedural efficiencies of public safety and justice systems so that together we create safer and more just communities from dispatch through disposition.
  • Tyler’s K-12 Education portfolio bridge information gaps between departments and across districts. Having a clear information flow is critical for school districts to function cohesively; from the classroom and business office to the transportation department and the superintendent’s office.

Resources for Counties

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