Automatic FOIA and Open Records Compliance

“As a government agency we are required to capture and store everything posted on our Facebook page. PageFreezer is easy to navigate, search, and find exactly what I am looking for.” - Allen Hill, IT Manager at South Kitsap Fire & Rescue Kitsap County

PageFreezer is a GSA-certified provider of website and social media archiving services to federal, state and local government agencies. It’s technology helps government agencies comply with FOIA and Open Records record-keeping laws in a proactive and cost efficient way. PageFreezer automatically archives websites, social media and enterprise social media data and makes this information available in the correct formats when they’re needed.

PageFreezer Features

Key recordkeeping requirements for compliance with FOIA and Open Records laws include collecting website and social media metadata, preserving content in original file formats, and retaining materials for at least 7 years. PageFreezer helps its clients meet these requirements through its unique offering including

  • A customized Public Portal allowing you to share your archived website & social media data with your constituents on demand, 24/7.
  • Automatic archiving of website, social media and enterprise social media data
  • 256-bit digital signatures and automatic timestamps.
  • Complete collection of all associated metadata for posts, comments, likes and more
  • Searchable archives by keyword, date and network 
  • Ability to track changes, versions and deletions
  • Timely notifications for prohibited keywords shared on networks
  • Export options for sharing archives with third parties
  • Easy case management and collection of archives in one place
  • Integration with other vendors like GovQA, Vision Internet, NextDoor and ProudCity

“We must abide by strict Florida public records laws and PageFreezer helps us meet their requirements. What I didn’t realize is that PageFreezer would help me pull stats of how many times I posted about flood prevention - which we must report on as federal requirement. If you need to archive everything you have ever posted on social media, and want the flexibility to edit posts after they may have already been viewed, you need an archiving program that captures both the original posts and the edits. If you are considering using Next Door, PageFreezer is the only provider that works with them currently.” - Brandi Whitehurst, Public Information Officer at Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners

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