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Director, Department of Economic Equity and Opportunity

Harris County
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Harris County is searching for an experienced, dynamic, and motivated leader to serve as the very first Director of the Harris County Department of Economic Equity & Opportunity ("Department"), which the Harris County Commissioners Court voted to establish in 2019. This role has the potential to serve as a platform for public-sector policy innovation and represents an exciting chance to build the most robust local-level economic opportunity department in the country. The successful candidate will be an entrepreneurial and resourceful leader with a passion for social justice and curbing economic inequity, and possess the ability to cultivate diverse partnerships across sectors. The Department will spearhead financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable economic development, community business development, workforce development, job training, and workers' rights strategies. It will facilitate initiatives that aim to create business and workforce opportunities, as well as develop and implement policies and programs that create economic pathways for Harris County residents who have been historically disenfranchised and marginalized. The Director will report directly to the Harris County Commissioners Court, which serves as the administrative head of Harris County government.

Key Responsibilities:

The Director will collaborate with TIP Strategies and other consultants contracted by Harris County, along with community members, businesses, government agencies, experts, and other relevant stakeholders, to establish an inclusive vision for the Department that aims to enhance economic mobility and opportunity for all Harris County residents, while advancing the continued strength, resilience, and dynamism of our region's economy. Harris County has contracted with a consultant, TIP Strategies, for a period of eleven months to conduct a comprehensive assessment of its current activities related to economic opportunity and economic development, provide recommendations for consolidating any such existing activities, and propose additional activities or initiatives for implementation by the Department. The Director may also be tasked with the following responsibilities:

•Manages the Department of Economic Equity & Opportunity staff.

•Oversees and directs the functions of the Department to achieve departmental goals.

•Establishes a long-term economic development plan for Harris County that meets the needs of our residents.

•Establishes and coordinate implementation of scalable programs and initiatives that further economic development, community business development, workforce development, job training, and workers' rights in the fulfillment of Harris County contracts and services, including programs and initiatives that:

  • Expands equitable employment opportunities and participation of Minority and Women Business Enterprises/Small Business Enterprises/Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in Harris County contracts;
  • Enhances Harris County workforce development activities and occupational training opportunities;
  • Strengthens and enforces Harris County worker protections and workplace safety standards;
  • Monitors and enforces contract compliance, subcontractor utilization, and wage rate compliance; and
  • Facilitate access to capital, loans, or grants for businesses and nonprofits that serve a significant need (e.g., businesses in food or bank deserts).

•Measures and reports on outcomes of policies, programs, and initiatives implemented by the Department.

•Establishes and implements a community engagement plan to inform the Department's work.

•Develops strategic partnerships with government stakeholders, business leaders, advocacy organizations, and experts to facilitate and support the Department's objectives.

•Informs Commissioners Court about the initiatives, programs, and activities of the Department.

•Performs any additional duties as delineated by Harris County Commissioners Court related to the objectives of the Department.

Harris County is an Equal Opportunity Employer

If you need special services or accommodations, please call (713) 274-5445 or email


•Bachelor's degree in a related field from an accredited college or university.

•Background in equity, economic opportunity, and/or economic development.

•Minimum of five (5) years of full-time, paid related-professional experience with a delineated progression in job responsibilities, including, but not limited to, decision-making, consensus building, and community engagement.

•Minimum of two (2) years management and/or strategic planning experience.

•Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

•Comfortably interfacing with and obtaining feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders.

•Ability to continuously learn about other areas affecting economic opportunity in Harris County, including, but not limited to, transportation, education, infrastructure, and criminal justice.

•Ability to build a team with expertise in relevant areas, including, but not limited to, procurement contracting, subcontractor utilization and/or wage rate compliance experience.

NOTE: To qualify for this position, required education, experience, knowledge and skills must be clearly documented on your application's employment history. You may attach a resume to the application as supporting documentation but ONLY information stated on the application will be used for consideration. "See Resume" will not be accepted for qualifications.


•Graduate degree in a related field from an accredited university •Minimum five (5) years of management and/or strategic planning experience.

•Background or demonstrated experience in workforce development, workers' rights, community business support, and/or community development.

•Experience evaluating data and/or an ability to communicate key details about data to stakeholders unfamiliar with analytics.

•Experience leading and implementing diversity and equity initiatives in the workplace.

•Experienced and/or trained in cultural competence and/or implicit bias.

•Demonstrated success in implementing community business programs and/or workforce development initiatives.

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