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Chief Deputy, Agricultural Commissioner/Weights & Measures

County of Los Angeles
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The Department of Agricultural Commissioner/Weights & Measures serves the public by protecting the environment, the agricultural industry, consumers and business operators through effective enforcement of federal and State laws and County ordinances in the areas of health, safety, and consumer concerns of County residents. The Department’s highly diverse public services include: ensuring the safe and wholesome supply of food and water; protecting consumers and businesses from fraud; preventing the misuse of pesticides; managing and eliminating pests; minimizing fire hazards from weeds and brush; and providing useful consumer and agricultural information. The Chief Deputy reports to the Agricultural Commissioner/Director of Weights and Measures and directs managers and staff in the operational functions of the Department. This position assists the Director by enforcing, developing and proposing agricultural and weights and measures laws and regulations for the protection of the public.

We want to hire an experienced leader who knows how to successfully build up operations, communicate with diverse people, and inspire change within an established agricultural/weights and measure organization. A top candidate is an executive with strong interpersonal skills and political savvy who knows how to effectively collaborate with other government agencies, elected officials, community groups, and the public on highly sensitive matters. A candidate with a consistent record of building teams of dedicated and engaged professionals empowered to provide outstanding service to the public within their field of expertise is a benefit to our organization. Additionally, possession of top-notch organizational management skills, including excellent budget, personnel, fiscal, supply, and administrative functions is highly sought after by our Department.

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