Housing and Health Action Learning Cohort Application

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    Housing and Health Action Learning Cohort Application


Housing and Health Action Learning Cohort Application

Part I

Application Information

Cohort Team Lead

Note: The Team Lead will serve as the main point of contact for each county team. This individual will work most closely with NACo staff and coordinate efforts within their respective teams. The Team Lead can be either an elected county official, an appointed official, or county staff member.

Cohort Team Members

Please list the names and email addresses of anticipated cohort team members.*

Each team will be required to have a minimum of two but no more than four members (including the Team Lead), with at least one member being an elected official. We strongly encourage representation from the public health, housing, human services, and community development sectors.

Part II

Narrative Questions

Note: Answers are limited to 4,000 characters (approximately 600 words).

Describe the challenges your county is facing regarding housing. Please include any information about housing quality and safety, housing stability (to include homelessness), affordability and/or neighborhood and location.
Describe the current efforts underway in your county to addressing the housing challenges outlined above.
Cohort activities and learning opportunities will prominently feature discussions around health disparities and health equity. Please describe any work your county has engaged in on racial and socioeconomic issues.
Travel and lodging support is guaranteed for up to 3 team members for the November 2019 and July 2020 in-person convenings and up to 2 team members for the March 2020 in-person meeting. Please detail your county’s ability to support your participation in the cohort program to cover any potential expenses beyond the aforementioned costs.

Part III

Ability to Participate

Can your team support online conferences and meetings? Do you have access to the internet capacity and hardware required to participate? *

(Minimum requirements include internet connection that supports video streaming/web meetings, webcam, microphone & speakers)