WORKSHOP: Is Your County Prepared? Responding to Active Shooter Incidents

May. 26, 2016 , 10:15 am – 11:45 am
2016 WIR Conference
Grand View Ballroom, Grand View Lodge (Main Level)

Across the country, numerous county governments, schools and other community entities have experienced active shooter situations. Regardless of whether the incidents occur in the workplace, a school or in another public place, counties are on the frontlines in responding to these incidents. This workshop will explore lessons learned and recommendations from previous county responses to active shooter incidents.

  • Hon. Darry Stacy, Commissioner, Cleveland County, Oklahoma, Instructor, Centurion Consulting Group
  • Hon. Jim Whalen, Sheriff, Teton County, Wyo.
  • Rich Ochs, CEM, MEP, Coordinator, Emergency Management, Teton County, Wyo. 

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