Upcoming Webinar: Environmental Restoration Projects that Support Stormwater Management

Sep. 22, 2015 , 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm
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Many local communities across the country are realizing they can address their stormwater management challenges and goals by exploring ecological restoration and green infrastructure techniques.  As a result, local environmental restoration leaders are aligning with partners on the local and regional level to cleanse and reduce stormwater runoff using plants, soils, wetlands, floodplains and forested areas to help maintain natural hydrologic functions, while improving water quality.

To learn more about ways environmental leaders are pursuing to better manage stormwater runoff and flooding, join the upcoming Five Star and Urban Waters restoration webinar Environmental Restoration Projects that Supports Stormwater Management on Tuesday, September 22 from 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM ET.  Participants will learn from leaders in environmental restoration projects across the country that will share cost-effective stormwater management best practices and techniques.  To register for the webinar, click here.

This webinar is the eight in the 10-part Cultivating Community Conservation: Techniques, Engagement and Education series, part of the Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program.  If you’d like to participate as a presenter in an upcoming webinar, or have general questions about the series, email Rob Pressly at rpressly@naco.org for more information.​