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Solutions Session: They’re coming to take your money away! (Ha Ha) What Elected Officials Need to Know

Jul. 24, 2017 , 8:00 am – 9:15 am
Room B234-235

Following major disasters, Counties have great need to purchase large amounts of goods and services to facilitate recovery efforts. While most are familiar with their own procurement policies and procedures, if purchases are anticipated to be reimbursed with federal disaster grant dollars (FEMA, HUD, etc.), federal rules and regulations must also be followed or amounts are at risk for not being reimbursed. Through our experience, we have found that this issue continues to confuse applicants more than most others, even despite increased efforts to educate them by FEMA and others. County leadership, to include elected leadership, can help their community recovery by knowing in advance how to help.  Not only can their involvement help with community involvement and media management, they can also help their response and recovery teams avoid potential deobligations and claw back of federal funds. Through the use of real world case studies, this topic breaks down the requirements in easy-to-understand language and takes head on many of the myths and misunderstandings.

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