Conference Agenda

Smarter Counties Summit: Technology Driving Innovation, Day 2

Jul. 13, 2018 , 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Governor's Ballroom A/E, Convention Center, Level 2

“Innovation” and “technology.” Two words that may not typically come to mind when considering how counties are serving the underserved. However, when deployed together, innovation – whether it be developing new programs, retooling a system or process – and technology that connects the public with government or agencies with each other play an important part of any county’s efforts to reach out and to better serve vulnerable populations and the economically disadvantaged.

During the Smarter Counties Summit, county leaders will explore the role that technology and innovation is playing to serve the underserved in our nation’s counties.

Presented by NACo and the Public Technology Institute (PTI), Day 2 of the Summit will address:

  • Technology and Innovation to Transform Health
  • Communicating with Vulnerable Populations
  • Sharing Information Across Justice and Human Services Systems to Provide Help for Those in Need

Summit Keynote: Cybersecurity and Elections Infrastructure: Accelerating Progress

County governments, state governments, and the federal government are all making tremendous investments in elections technology – both in terms of the machines we use to vote and in securing our voting infrastructure so that every vote counts. With these investments comes increased scrutiny from the press, the constituents we serve, and from ourselves as elected leaders. Understanding the ever-changing cyber threats – and the safeguards that are in place – are important as various election cycles draw near. 

This session will begin with a keynote speaker who will provide an overview of the elections technology landscape. Then, audience members will break up into smaller groups for a table top exercise: Each group will be given an issue or scenario to address. After a bit of what we hope will be spirited and thoughtful interaction, each table will report to the larger group on their scenario and the key points or take-aways from their group discussion. An expert panel will weigh in with feedback.

This presentation and exercise are non-technical! All attendees are encouraged to participate and share with one another.

Smarter Counties Summit Speakers:

(Formerly Tech Town Hall) separate RSVP required

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