2021 NACo Fall Board of Directors Meeting and Large Urban County Caucus Symposium

Wed. December 01
1:00 pm

All attendees are welcome to attend the mobile tour. Mobile tours will depart from the main hotel entrance. Arrive 10 minutes prior to tour departure to allow time to board the buses.


Supported by DeKalb County and other partners, Atlanta nonprofit CHRIS 180 offers extensive wraparound services to children, youth, young adults and families, including counseling, skill-building, trauma-informed care, foster homes, adoptions, assistance to those suffering or recovering from substance use disorders, and safe homes for those experiencing homelessness. After a brief presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to visit with CHRIS 180 staff and receive a tour of the organization’s DeKalb County community.


With over 100 shops and restaurants, the New Black Wall Street Market is a destination for family fun, entertainment, retail, gourmet grocery shopping and fine dining. As an extension of the Allen Entrepreneurial Institute, the New Black Wall Street Market shares its mission: to increase the size and number of minority and women-owned businesses throughout the United States and globally. This new retail experience fosters operational excellence in areas such as product offerings, systems utilization, presentation and customer service. After a brief presentation in the market’s African Textile Museum, , attendees will have about an hour to shop and visit the entrepreneurs in the facility. 

Thu. December 02
2:00 pm

Counties have been considering responses to the social unrest evident throughout 2020 and 2021, as well as the inequities exposed and emphasized by the COVID-19 pandemic. Several counties have established diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) offices, but many others are still exploring the best way to proceed. Hear from counties about the quick wins and the hard truths of DEI efforts, and from experienced leaders on ways to move toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive governance.

On any given night, more than 580,000 people in America experience homelessness, with millions more on the cusp. The pandemic has only exacerbated the homelessness and housing affordability crisis. Counties invest significantly in housing and community development and play an important role in addressing the needs of people experiencing homelessness. Hear from an expert panel of national and county leaders on key resources and solutions for counties to combat homelessness and housing instability.

Fri. December 03
9:00 am

All attendees are welcome to attend the mobile tour. Mobile workshops will depart from the conference center. Arrive 10 minutes prior to tour departure to allow time to board the buses.


The Metro Atlanta Urban Farm (MAUF) works to reduce barriers to healthy living by promoting agriculture to eliminate food insecurity and by offering training in sustainable, high-quality, low-cost farming and gardening. This workshop will provide an overview of MAUF’s key initiatives, partnerships and results. While exploring the property, participants will have an opportunity to dive deeper into specific elements of MAUF’s efforts with a wide range of federal, state and local partners. This is an outdoor tour. Please wear comfortable, weather appropriate attire. There will be time to change clothes before lunch. 

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