2022 NACo Annual Conference & Exposition


2022 NACo Annual Conference & Exposition

The NACo Annual Conference is the largest meeting of county elected and appointed officials from across the country. Participants from counties of all sizes come together to shape NACo's federal policy agenda, share proven practices and strengthen knowledge networks to help improve residents’ lives and the efficiency of county government.
Wed. July 20
10:00 am

Golf Outing

The pre-conference golf outing is open to county attendees and select conference sponsors. To secure your spot, please register here.

Wed. July 20 | 10:00 am to 6:00 pmRiverdale Dunes Golf Course

Join other conference attendees for a round of golf at the Adams County-owned Riverdale Dunes golf course! Tee times range from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Fri. July 22
1:45 pm

Becoming an Employer of Choice: Leveraging Benefits to Attract Talent in a Tight Labor Market

Fri. July 22 | 1:45 pm to 3:00 pmCottonwood 6-7| Level 1

Cultivating an engaged and thriving workforce is critical to ensuring your county serves the public to the best of your ability. Join this session to learn from industry experts on best practices for attracting quality talent, including leveraging retention benefits, to keep your county running seamlessly and in continuous pursuit of public service.

Counties for Kids: Celebrating County Leadership in Prenatal-to-Three

Fri. July 22 | 1:45 pm to 3:00 pmCottonwood 4-5| Level 1

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our youngest children and their families have dealt with economic challenges, disruptions to child care and increased levels of stress. Counties are supporting children prenatal to three during this critical period of development by investing in and administering services and resources. In this session, participants will hear how county leaders are filling service gaps and strengthening the systems that support early care and education and infant/toddler well-being.

Digitizing Your County: Efficient and Effective Workplace Solutions that Deliver Quality Citizen Services

Fri. July 22 | 1:45 pm to 3:00 pmMaple 4-5| Level 1

The past two years have catapulted available technology advances for counties. In this session you will hear how counties have implemented solutions that promote digital citizen interaction, remote employee access, while at the same time digitizing and preserving records management for today and the future. This session will cover the digital lifecycle from remote employee processes to digital citizen engagement and transparency.

Improving Economic Mobility for County Residents

Fri. July 22 | 1:45 pm to 3:00 pmCottonwood 8-9| Level 1

As counties navigate the local economic recovery process following the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, many leaders are looking to improve long-term economic outcomes for residents and families. Learn how counties can influence upward economic mobility in seven key policy areas: housing, education and workforce development, health, community and neighborhood development, justice and public safety, technology and information access and financial security. This session will also present data metrics to measure and track policy impacts on resident prosperity. This workshop is hosted by NACo’s Economic Mobility Leadership Network.

Leveraging Fintech for Today’s Modern County Government

Fri. July 22 | 1:45 pm to 3:00 pmSpruce 3-4|Level 1

The emergence and availability of new technologies is changing the way county government performs many core functions. Hear about programs and partnerships developed by NACo’s Financial Services Corporation (FSC) that provide value added services in the realm of financial technology solutions, or fintech. You will learn from the challenges faced by your county peers and how they have leveraged these innovative programs to maximize value on taxpayer revenues and drive modern, transparent budgeting processes.

Parks Prepare Post-Pandemic Pivot

Fri. July 22 | 1:45 pm to 3:00 pmCottonwood 2-3| Level 1

County parks saw a renewed interest during and after the height of the pandemic, which brought renewed interest in the design and programmatic offerings for outdoor space. Professionals in all aspects will discuss what they've seen locally and industry-wide.

Sat. July 23
8:45 am

Connecting Counties & Military Installations: Supporting National Defense & Strengthening Local Communities

Sat. July 23 | 8:45 am to 10:00 amCottonwood 2-3| Level 1

This session will bring together county leaders from military installation counties and officials from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for an interactive and informative session focusing on opportunities, resources and ideas to foster and strengthen county-military partnerships. Discussion will include county-military partnerships on land use, resilience, economic development, and community engagement and development.

County Governance & Authority Across America: A Landscape Analysis

Sat. July 23 | 8:45 am to 10:00 amSpruce 3-4|Level 1

County governments play an integral role in the everyday lives of residents, yet counties are arguably the least understood level of government in the U.S. This dearth of knowledge is due in part to wide variations in county governance across state lines, which can also make it difficult for counties to build partnerships with each other. Learn how to navigate these differences and build stronger relationships with counties in other states, as well as how NACo’s new state-level county governance profiles can aid your advocacy, communication and educational efforts.

Enhancing Employee Well-Being and Retention

Sat. July 23 | 8:45 am to 10:00 amMaple 3 | Level 1

Nearly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. lives with mental illness, and increasingly employees are expecting employers to provide additional mental and behavioral health support. This session will equip county leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to identify signs of mental health and substance use challenges within the county workforce and discuss solutions, such as Mental Health First Aid, that will aid with talent retention.

Federal Policy Lightning Round Update: Outlook on the 118th Congress

Sat. July 23 | 8:45 am to 10:00 amCottonwood 6-7| Level 1

Join NACo's Government Affairs staff for an update on the most pressing county issues in front of the 118th Congress and administration for the 2022-2023 term.

Identifying and Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Justice System

Sat. July 23 | 8:45 am to 10:00 amMaple 4-5| Level 1

Counties are pursuing efforts that often include understanding the drivers of inequities, examining baseline data, monitoring progress, funding community-led organizations and centering the voices of community members. In this session, attendees will learn about the strategies counties are using to achieve racial equity in the criminal legal system.

Leveraging Community Assets to Promote an Equitable Recovery in Rural America

Sat. July 23 | 8:45 am to 10:00 amCottonwood 4-5| Level 1

All rural communities have assets that can lead to shared economic prosperity for their residents if appropriately leveraged. Participants in this session will learn about a new framework and tool for identifying assets and fostering economic prosperity in rural America. Rural counties from across the nation will also spotlight their experiences in leveraging assets for economic development.

Strategies for an Equitable Investment of Recovery Funds

Sat. July 23 | 8:45 am to 10:00 amCottonwood 8-9| Level 1

As counties recover from the pandemic, there is a growing opportunity to leverage Recovery Fund dollars for an equitable recovery. Engage in a discussion about national investment trends, county solutions, challenges and strategies to foster recovery across all of our nation's communities.

10:30 am

America Works: Investing Federal Funding in Community Workforce Development

Sat. July 23 | 10:30 am to 11:45 amCottonwood 8-9| Level 1

For county leaders in the process of rebuilding and retraining local workforces impacted by COVID-19, the American Rescue Plan’s Recovery Fund provides a key funding source. Other federal programs and provisions in ARPA, however, can be combined with the Recovery Fund to increase the impact of these investments. Learn about these various funding streams and how fellow county leaders are braiding them together to invest in connecting youth to jobs, retraining older workers, partnering with colleges, providing wraparound services through nonprofits and other key aspects of workforce development.

Celebrating County Opioid Litigation Wins and Planning for What's Next

Sat. July 23 | 10:30 am to 11:45 amCottonwood 4-5| Level 1

In February 2022, drug manufacturer Johnson & Johnson and three major distributors (McKesson, Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen) finalized multi-litigant settlements over their roles in the opioid crisis. The $26 billion award was nearly doubled from the original base payout in large part due to the action and participation of local governments. This session will celebrate the role of counties in holding opioid manufacturers and distributors accountable and unveil new NACo resources for maximizing the use of these and other funds for opioid remediation.

Fostering Effective Intergovernmental Partnerships to Maximize Outcomes

Sat. July 23 | 10:30 am to 11:45 amSpruce 3-4|Level 1

Counties are leveraging partnerships across jurisdictional lines and levels of government to maximize the impact of ARPA resources. This session will provide a framework for fostering effective intergovernmental partnerships with key examples of those partnerships at work.

Income for Life in Retirement

Sat. July 23 | 10:30 am to 11:45 amMaple 3 | Level 1

Nationwide’s suite of In-Plan Guarantee solutions is an important part of the Nationwide Advantage, where needed retirement solutions are provided to our plan sponsors and participants that go above and beyond just record keeping services. Income America 5ForLife and Lifetime Income Builder are two of those solutions that plans can choose to provide Guaranteed Lifetime Income throughout a participant’s retirement years. Learn how you and your employees can benefit from these Guaranteed Lifetime Income solutions.

Integrating the National 988 Hotline and County Behavioral Health Continuums of Care

Sat. July 23 | 10:30 am to 11:45 amMaple 4-5| Level 1

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number will transition to 988 on July 16th, 2022. This hotline is an integral element of crisis services and the behavioral health continuum of care, offering a critical entry point to local, community-based services to support recovery. Through investing in behavioral health services, counties can better serve residents, reduce reliance on the criminal legal system and direct valuable resources toward improving stability and health. In this session, attendees will hear from peers on lessons learned from implementing 988 and integrating this hotline into local behavioral health continuums of care.

Investing in Local Infrastructure: Tips for Leveraging Federal Funding

Sat. July 23 | 10:30 am to 11:45 amCottonwood 6-7| Level 1

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) provides significant opportunities for counties, which own and operate a vast amount of the nation's infrastructure and annually invest $134 billion in the construction of infrastructure and the operation and maintenance of public works. Learn from county officials who have successfully obtained funding from past surface transportation laws on best practices to secure current BIL funding opportunities.

Proactive Leadership in Crisis: Supporting Your Community Through a Disaster

Sat. July 23 | 10:30 am to 11:45 amCottonwood 2-3| Level 1

When disaster strikes, proactive leadership is crucial. Join this session to learn about best practices in crisis communication, coordination and control.

2:00 pm

Adams County Elections Administration Center

Sat. July 23 | 2:00 pm to 5:00 pmOFFSITE

Adams County is excited to walk you through our processes during the election cycle. During this tour, you will see the life of a mail ballot once it is received and how it is processed by our office. Ballot envelopes are processed through our dual Agilis envelope sorting machines, ballots are extracted from the envelopes by our industrial OPEX machines, signatures are verified, then the process ends with Dominion scanners and adjudication for each individual ballot.

Colorado Air & Space Port (International Economic Development Task Force)

Sat. July 23 | 2:00 pm to 5:00 pmOFFSITE

The International Economic Development Task Force will join the Colorado Air & Space Port tour for their meeting at the Annual Conference.

Gravel Roads Program (RSVP required)

Sat. July 23 | 2:00 pm to 5:00 pmOFFSITE

Learn how the Adams County Public Works Department’s innovative Gravel Road Resurfacing Program used employee insight to create an internationally recognized new standard of paving that is both more durable and driver-friendly than traditional gravel roads.

Riverdale Regional Park: Riverdale Animal Shelter, Veterans Memorial, Riverdale Golf Course (RSVP required)

Sat. July 23 | 2:00 pm to 5:00 pmOFFSITE

Adams County’s Riverdale Regional Park combines indoor and outdoor space, recreation, nature, history and community in a unique park featuring Riverdale Golf Course and a network of park space and canals. Located within the park is Riverdale Animal Shelter, a county-run state-of-the-art facility for dogs, cats, small mammals and exotic animals. A new Veterans Memorial will open in Riverdale Park in 2022 with a life-size replica of the USS Colorado BB-45 battleship.

2:15 pm

Community & Land-Use Planning to Build Wildfire-Resilient Counties

Sat. July 23 | 2:15 pm to 3:30 pmCottonwood 2-3| Level 1

As devasting wildfires continue to impact communities across the nation, counties are uniquely positioned to take proactive steps in land-use planning and community engagement to mitigate wildfire damage and destruction. This educational deep dive will convene expert practitioners in wildfire planning and county leaders to share promising approaches and tools to help counties plan for and build more fire-adapted and fire-resilient landscapes and communities.

Framework for Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to Transform County Government

Sat. July 23 | 2:15 pm to 3:30 pmSpruce 3-4|Level 1

Counties play a critical role in building healthy and vibrant communities. The uneven impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic across different communities crystallized the disparities that can exist within a county. County leaders are well-positioned to resolve these disparities through the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion. By embracing these principles, county leaders create the conditions that allow all residents to reach their fullest potential. In this session county leaders will discuss how counties of all sizes can advance equity as employers, policymakers, investors and partners.

Practical Policy Solutions to Promote Affordable Housing

Sat. July 23 | 2:15 pm to 3:30 pmCottonwood 6-7| Level 1

As housing and rental prices continue to increase, significantly outpacing wage growth, solutions to create affordable housing within communities are increasingly important. Hear from scholars on specific public policy solutions based on local conditions that counties can implement to foster affordable housing and housing access.

Robert's Rule of Order: The Art of Running Efficient and Effective Meetings

Sat. July 23 | 2:15 pm to 3:30 pmCottonwood 4-5| Level 1

Robert’s Rules can help you run an efficient meeting. But how do you run an effective meeting? Learn the strategies for leading an engaging, energizing and productive meeting.

Supporting People with Opioid Use Disorders Involved in the Justice System

Sat. July 23 | 2:15 pm to 3:30 pmMaple 4-5| Level 1

Counties are implementing robust strategies and programs to address opioid and other substance use disorders in communities and local criminal justice systems using federal and state resources and opioid settlements. In this session, attendees will learn evidence-based strategies to prevent and treat opioid use disorders and hear about a new NACo resource to support these efforts.

The Theory and Practice of Economic Development: Then and Now

Sat. July 23 | 2:15 pm to 3:30 pmCottonwood 8-9| Level 1

County economic development planning is in the midst of a major transformation. Economic shocks from the pandemic and natural disasters, along with growing attention to diversity, equity and inclusion-focused programs, have prompted counties to consider expanded missions beyond job creation and business attraction. This workshop will provide insights on critical components of county economic development strategies and investments, including economic mobility, economic resilience, placemaking, and workforce development.

Sun. July 24
8:00 am

Disaster Preparedness & Communication: Can You Hear Me Now? Resilient Counties Advisory Board Breakfast Meeting

Sun. July 24 | 8:00 am to 9:15 amCottonwood 8-9| Level 1

Kick-start your day by joining the Resilient Counties Advisory Board for an interactive gameshow breakfast. Join experts from Tidal Basin to participate in disaster preparedness and communication with a twist on the classic games Ice Breaker, Telephone and Did You Know? Get fundamental insights to pre-, during and post-disaster preparedness activities in this fun, inclusive and informative session.

Inclusive Civic Engagement to Create Thriving, Equitable Counties

Sun. July 24 | 8:00 am to 9:15 amCottonwood 4-5| Level 1

This workshop will help county officials learn new techniques for engaging residents and other stakeholders in their counties to help solve problems and improve equity. Presentations will include an overview of the National Civic League’s Civic Index, examples from counties and principles for achieving greater equity from a leading academic thinker. The National Civic League’s Civic Index tool will be presented alongside examples of how counties have created stronger communities and ideas for building greater equity.

Navigating the Narrative: Telling the County Story in Changing Times

Sun. July 24 | 8:00 am to 9:15 amCottonwood 6-7| Level 1

Join the National Association of County Information Officers for a dynamic session exploring communications strategies and tactics to tell your county story, especially how your county is investing resources from the American Rescue Plan. Explore tips to develop effective messaging and elevate awareness of your county’s success stories, with a focus on media relations in counties of all sizes.

Sharing Data Across Justice and Behavioral Health Systems

Sun. July 24 | 8:00 am to 9:15 amMaple 4-5| Level 1

Counties are sharing information across systems to identify and support community members with complex behavioral health conditions who frequently cycle through jails, emergency rooms, homeless shelters and other crisis services. In this session, attendees will learn how entities can share behavioral health and justice data to improve cross-system care coordination and individual outcomes.

Sports Arenas and Entertainment Centers: How Counties Can Effectively Manage Public Facilities

Sun. July 24 | 8:00 am to 9:15 amCottonwood 2-3| Level 1

Across the country, counties are owners and stakeholders in large public facilities such as athletic stadiums, convention centers, performing arts centers and more. Financing and management of these facilities present both economic opportunities and challenges. Join this session to learn strategies from experts and county leaders about avoiding pitfalls and maximizing benefits of these facilities.

The Value of County Management: Increasing Administrative Efficiency in County Government

Sun. July 24 | 8:00 am to 9:15 amSpruce 3-4|Level 1

County administrators play a major role in overseeing daily operations. This session will highlight who county administrators are, what they do and how this position can increase administrative efficiency. Session participants will hear from county leaders who have successfully integrated the administrator role and learn more about how it has positively impacted their ability to serve residents and enhance operations.

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