2019 Large Urban County Caucus (LUCC) Symposium

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2019 Large Urban County Caucus (LUCC) Symposium

NACo's Large Urban County Caucus (LUCC) Symposium brings together urban county leaders from across the country for an exchange of ideas and solutions to enhance the ability of metropolitan counties to serve the needs of current and future residents.
Wed. November 06
1:00 pm

The Miami Center for Mental Health and Recovery, acclaimed as a national model, represents a tangible solution to the challenge of decreasing the number of individuals with mental illness in county jails. This “hard hat” tour of the center’s construction site, hosted by Judge Steve Leifman, will shed light on how the county utilized a surplus building and acquired funding for this center to advance its objective of diverting individuals with mental illness away from its jails and into a more suitable and productive treatment environment.

This workshop is at capacity. If you would like to be placed on a waitlist, please email ahurley@naco.org

Recently listed among TripAdvisor’s “Coolest Neighborhoods in the U.S.,” Miami-Dade County’s Wynwood district is known for the colorful murals that line its walls and the bustling eateries and drinkeries that attract locals and tourists alike. On this tour, the visionary developer of Wynwood will discuss the transformation of this once nondescript and blighted warehouse district into a national destination and invite input from attendees on how arts and culture help to catalyze neighborhood revitalization in urban counties.

Thu. November 07
9:30 am

In counties across America, homelessness is a crisis confronting local government. In the early 1990s, Miami-Dade County established The Homeless Trust to address its own crisis of homelessness. During this conversation, attendees will hear from the founders and leaders of the Trust about its formation and demonstrated impact, discuss the sustainability of recurring funding sources and offer their own insights stemming from local efforts to address homelessness.

10:45 am

In 2011, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors was presented with 20 years of data on infant mortality in their jurisdiction, including the startling finding that African-American infants were dying at twice the rate of other infants in the county. Since then, the county has led local efforts to reduce this troubling disparity, with measurable success. During this session, Sacramento County will share its approach to reducing infant child mortality, and a leading national expert will outline how urban counties can assess and address this issue locally.

1:15 pm

This “Black Sky” Exercise, led by an international expert, will address the variety of modern-day threats that urban counties face: both man-made and natural, increasing in duration and intensity and regularly leaving communities without essential services. During this session, attendees will engage in an interactive exercise that will test their awareness and preparation for complex threats through dynamic expert facilitation and thought-provoking discussion.

3:30 pm

Open to all Symposium attendees, this business meeting will focus on strategic planning related to future LUCC activities and events, including a discussion on the 2020 U.S. Census and the role of urban county leaders in ensuring accurate and complete counts in their jurisdictions.

Fri. November 08
9:30 am

Urban county leaders have embraced the pivotal role of counties in ensuring healthy beginnings for all children in their communities, but often struggle to find funding sources for these efforts. In 2002, the residents of Miami-Dade County voted to create a Children’s Trust that would ensure ongoing funding for early childhood development in the county, helping to tangibly move the needle on the community’s early childhood development efforts. In this session, the Founding Chairman of the Children’s Trust will discuss its formation and successes in ensuring recurring funding from voters, and attendees will share their own solutions to addressing the critical issue of early childhood development.

10:45 am

When Harris County, Texas Judge Lina Hidalgo was elected in November 2018 to lead the nation’s third most populous county, she set out to understand the needs and sentiments of her community in a manner that would ensure all voices were uplifted, regardless of their social or economic standing or their level of engagement with local government. During this session, Judge Hidalgo and her partners in this endeavor will share their innovative strategy for community engagement, which included surveys in five languages and a team of 40+ community canvassers, and will invite input from attendees on their own approaches to empowering constituent voices.

1:30 pm

Extreme weather conditions have exposed many jurisdictions across the country to acute risks of flooding and destruction of land, infrastructure and coastline development. On this Bus and Boat tour, attendees will hear from local and national leaders experienced in dealing with rising waters and the impact to surrounding areas and addressing these evolving threats.

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