NACo's 83rd Annual Conference & Exposition


NACo's 83rd Annual Conference & Exposition

More than 3,000 county officials and partners participated in the 83rd NACo Annual Conference.  Find resources from the conference, including the American County Platform, videos and more.
Thu. July 12
2 pm

Mobile Workshop: Building Cultural Resilience Post-Disaster

Separate RSVP required

Thu. July 12 | 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Two Rivers Park, Riverfront Park, Nashville Symphony
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This mobile workshop focuses on how arts and culture can be integrated into the post-disaster recovery process and the strategies cultural institutions have taken to rebuild post-disaster, in partnership with county government. Join a tour of Riverfront Park and the Nashville Symphony for a discussion on recovery from the 2010 flood, the construction of the park as a flood mitigation tool, and a visit to Tool Fire and Pier art installations. Learn about Davidson County’s recovery efforts from emergency response professionals.

Bus departs Delta Portico at 2:00 pm.

Dress: comfortable walking shoes

Please RSVP via the conference registration form. To check your RSVP response, email

Mobile Workshop: Nashville Riverfront Stormwater Walking Tour: Green Blue Features for Healthy Water and the Cumberland River Compact

Separate RSVP required

Thu. July 12 | 2:15 pm to 5:00 pm
Lucius E. Burch III River Center
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Join the Cumberland River Compact (CRC) for a discussion on green infrastructure, water policy, engineering, construction and environmental policy, with an emphasis on best practices for other waterfront counties. Tour the River Center and learn about the history of the CRC, its partnerships and the transformation of the Cumberland River into a popular recreation destination and the cornerstone of Davidson County’s waterfront revitalization.

Optional walking tour of the pedestrian bridge.

Bus departs Delta Portico at 2:15 pm.

Dress: comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses and hat - a portion of this mobile workshop is outside

Please RSVP via the conference registration form. To check your RSVP response, email


Sat. July 14
10 am

Crisis Communication Strategies for County Officials

Separate registration & fee required

Sat. July 14 | 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Jackson B, Convention Center, Presidential Mezzanine, Level M
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This four-hour course dives deep into the art of managing a crisis through strategic communications. Learn how to recognize the challenges posed by traditional and social media, develop a crisis communications plan and understand what processes to follow when you experience a crisis in your county. Requires pre-registration, space is limited. 

12 pm

Resilient Counties Luncheon: Supporting Disaster Preparedness through Emerging Technologies and Integrated Communications Systems

Sat. July 14 | 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Governor's Ballroom C/D, Convention Center, Level 2
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Join us to learn how county leaders are making bold investments in emerging technologies and communications platforms to bolster their governmental, physical, environmental and social resilience - especially during times of crisis. NACo’s First Vice President Supervisor Greg Cox will discuss San Diego County’s success in quickly connecting residents with critical services following catastrophic fires, and NACo will unveil a new “one-stop” toolkit developed in partnership with IBTS to support disaster resilience at the county level.

Sun. July 15
9 am

Land Use Planning for Large-Scale Solar Development

Sun. July 15 | 9:00 am to 10:15 am
Governor's Ballroom C, Convention Center, Level 2
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Solar energy development is expanding nationwide, which requires counties to address how and where it occurs locally. Through best-practice guidance and real-life experiences, this session will demonstrate how county elected officials and planners can successfully balance agricultural preservation with private property rights to best integrate community & utility-scale solar development in their county.  This session will address common community concerns, as well as highlight the impacts and benefits of large-scale solar development from communities across the nation. 

3 pm

Nationwide Retirement Session: Women and Retirement

Sun. July 15 | 3:45 pm to 5:00 pm
Bayou A, Convention Center, Delta Mezzanine, Level M
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Nationwide's Women and Retirement program advisors work with clients to plan holistically for successful retirements and develop practices that meet women's retirement planning needs. As women's roles evolve in the workplace, in their families and in financial planning, more women are spearheading family decision-making in preparation for retirement, planning and investing. This session provides practical guidance to navigate the uncertainties of retirement, including healthcare challenges, outliving a spouse and caregiving decisions for family members and for oneself. 

Solutions Session: Making Smart Infrastructure Investments to Boost County Resilience

Sun. July 15 | 3:45 pm to 5:00 pm
Jackson C/D, Convention Center, Presidential Mezzanine, Level M
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Learn about emerging wireless and water technologies that can save your county money and boost the resilience of your critical infrastructure. This solution session discusses best practices for making appropriate investments in these new technologies and explore how counties are measuring positive outcomes.

Mon. July 16
8 am

Solutions Session: Using Communications and Marketing Platforms to Foster Community Cohesion

Mon. July 16 | 8:00 am to 9:15 am
Jackson A/B, Convention Center, Presidential Mezzanine, Level M
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Learn about how counties are using messaging and video technologies to stimulate community engagement and sustain economic growth. This solution session focuses on best practices for better connecting with county citizens and potential visitors to your county.